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Our Action Plan – 2021

Stichting Football Foundation Sierra-Leone is geared towards helping, empowering and promoting children through football and education. We want to remove them from the streets and prevent them from taking and abusing drugs and crimes. The foundation has been in to existence for the past six years and most of the borden squarely lies on the founder. husband and close friends in Holland. They has been helping the lads all these while with learning materials and football equipment.

Current Activities

Educational program for the boys in order to help them with scholarships, and also football scouting tournament for the boys with renowned scout from France.

Primary Target

Help promote the young boys through education and football.
AGE and GENDER: Boys and the age limit is U20. 90% of the boys are attending schools whilst 10% are learning skills jobs {computer studies, engineering and electrical work}
How are you managing the foundation? Since we kick start the foundation I and my husband have been supporting the young boys up till now with no support from any other elite’s organization.

What we have so far achieved?

Since the establishment of the foundation, we have achieved a little; helping the young lads to attend schools and sat to senior schools examination, giving annual scholarship to the boys and also gain promotion to the Sierra Leone second division league.

Challenges and Constraints

Lack of enough funds to extend our charity work to other part of Sierra Leone, and also no enough modern learning equipment and football materials.

Our main constrains are lack of resources to implement our programs. We lack the most needed learning materials and resources to support our kids. This is compounded by lack of most needed international donors and partners.

What are your needs both long and short term; Some of our pressing need are permanent structure to put the foundation lads, funding to expand our charity work in other part of sierra Leone and modern learning materials plus football equipment.

Youths and Sport in Sierra Leone

Hope for the future

Our aim is to help empower this young lads through education and sports in order to have a role model in our communities and country as a whole
Currently sierra Leone football is on suspension amid the covid-19 pandemic, and also the clubs are running at loss due to the pandemic.

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