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How you can help?

You could help support our work by making a donation. Donations can be a one-off payment or as part of your regular recurring giving.
If you are interested in making a long-term commitment to giving to the foundation we have options available to sponsor a kid who wants to go to school or learn a technical skill

Financial Support

You can make an online donation or transfer directly from your bank to

Stichting Football Foundation Sierra Leone

Donation is also possible through PayPal.

Become a Volunteer

You can support us by becoming a volunteer.

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivate people who will like to share their time and experiences with us in a wide areas of activities. If interested, please contact us by filling the form below.

Donate in kind(Materials)

Do you have sport stuff that we can use for Footballers in Sierra Leone, school material such as tables, chairs, blackboards, desks, pens, notebooks, etc. Then you can donate those materials to us.

Kindly contact us and we will make sure that we collect them and ensure that they get a second use in Sierra Leone. The children there will appreciate your kindness

Corporate sponsorship

If you`re a company, a football organisation, you can support us in a number of different ways. You can make a  donation, but your institution can also organize a special fundraising event in which we can be involved and benefit. Secondly, you might have materials such as sport gears, we would welcome your support.

For more information please let us know

Please use the volunteer application form we will get back to you as your intention is review.